What Unique Features Does FM WhatsApp Offer?

Stepping up The Game of FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a MOD Application of the Official WhatsApp that offers additional features just like GB Whatsapp. The main reason why this app exists is that it gives you way more features than the official app. In this article, I will discuss what is so unique in FM WhatsApp and how it stands out with an advantage over the rest of them offering options on customization to most control inclined users when talking about personalization.

Extended Privacy Options

FM WhatsApp offers a wide range of privacy features, more than those, which are available in the standard WhatsApp. Options like offline status, remove blue ticks (read receipts) and typing indicator. This makes communication more discrete by allowing users to choose with whom and what they share based on provided information.

Customization at Its Core

Perhaps the most appealing feature of FM WhatsApp is that it can be customized to an extreme end, and here are said customizations:

Themes; We have 100s of themes available, giving users the ability to chat in a space that suits them best.

Fonts and Style: You can change the appearance of your messages to suit your taste with fonts and styles available for various purposes.

More File Sharing Capacity

With FM WhatsApp, you can go beyond the size and type of files that can be sent within the official app -

Users can send files up to 700 MB in size, which is a significant upgrade for WhatsApp with the 100MB cap.

You should know the features of ShareitLiu,File Types With nearly all file types supported, including documents, video and audio files; it is a more versatile media to share any type.

Advanced Message Management

Message Management Features found in FM WhatsApp:

Message Scheduler : This feature will be helpful when you need to send the message at a particular moment (eg : wishing birthdays, reminding thing etc)

Auto reply: We can also set automatic replies, so that we will not leave any place without a certainty that we will be able to answer all messages at the next moment.

App Lock: This means that users can set a password, pattern or fingerprint lock to the app, and help protect their chat.

Key Considerations

But while FM WhatsApp has the upper hand in providing these cool features, it also poses a security risk for users as it is unofficial. It is not even related to WhatsApp Inc., so it might contain some risks that official app do not have.

If you want to experience everything offered by FM WhatsApp and compare it with other mods, check out this post on fm whatsapp which gives plenty of details as well as a few alternatives.

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